Our work
and our cause

Agenda Pública is a Civil Society Organization for the Public Interest (OSCIP, in its Portuguese acronym) that works to improve public management and democratic governance and to encourage social participation throughout Brazil.

Our main goal is to improve the supply, the access and the quality of public services in the country through democratic, integrated and participatory territorial development. For this, we rely on the development of an articulate state capable of leading the coproduction process and the implementation of more democratic and quality public policies.

Therefore, we promote cooperation between different segments of society in order to solve public problems, thus generating effective, permanent and sustainable transformation in the practices of the public administration. In this way, we seek to improve the capabilities of local governments in order to strengthen coordination mechanisms within the administration developing teams with a broad capacity to solve complex problems; such is the case of public problems.

Our mission

Contribute to the improvement of public management and the expansion of social participation through capacity building that results in democratic and quality public policies.

Our vision

To be a reference organization that thinks, encourages and supports innovative, integrated and quality public management. To be recognized for our nationwide performance, sound partnerships and committed and accomplished professionals.

How we transform public management

Agenda Pública is committed to the following results:
  • Improved planning, governance and processes
  • Civil servants and public managers trained to solve public problems
  • Strong participation systems and a strong open Government
  • Governance and capacity to promote a strong local economic development
  • Increased management capacity to fund public policies


Where we operate

Program for the Institutional Strengthening of Municipalities

Serra do Salitre (MG) | Campo Alegre de Lourdes (BA) | Barro Alto (GO) | Niquelândia (GO)

It is essential to strengthen municipal management and coordination in order to address public problems of a complex nature in an intersectoral and participatory manner. The program for the institutional strengthening of municipalities arises to promote the improvement of local public management and the qualification of society’s participation in public matters in a structuring and lasting way. Always considering the crucial role of companies in this context, mainly in the regions where they have business units, it is necessary to reconcile their strategies with local visions of development in an effort to generate shared value.

Public Integrity System

São Sebastião (SP)

A recent theme in municipal management, open government seeks to integrate actions of participation and collaboration, transparency and integrity to improve democratic controls and the management of public policies. In order to support processes of government opening, Agenda Pública has developed this pioneering project, which aims to promote public ethics, strengthen internal and social control and improve public transparency, thus, contributing simultaneously to the development of the institutional capacities of the municipality and to the empowerment of citizens for ensuring the rights that are implicit to the issues related to open government.

Management Consortium for the Office of Projects of the Education Department of the Government of the State of Pará

Estado do Pará

Based on the FIP methodology, the program is being implemented through a consortium with Leme Engenharia and Herkenhoff & Prates. Its main objective is to increase the technical coordination and management capacity of the Projects Office of the Program for Quality Improvement and Increasing Coverage of Basic Education in the State of Pará. In addition to the Management Consortium members, the School of Public Policies also participates in the project providing the Mentoring Program for Public Managers and the Technical Advisory Platform. The project’s implementation period is two years (2017 and 2018) and it is being funded by the Inter-American Development Bank.

Financial Management Excellence Program

Oriximiná (PA) | Faro (PA) | Terra Santa (PA)

Faced with the current scenario of economic crisis and the fall in revenues, most governments – mainly municipal governments – find themselves dwelling in a delicate situation when addressing citizens’ demands. In this context, Agenda Pública presents the Program of Excellence in Municipal Financial Management, which aims at identifying opportunities to increase and diversify revenues and qualifying public spending so that resources are invested in a planned and efficient manner, allowing municipalities to restore fiscal balance and improve services to the population.

Strengthening the System to Assure the Rights of Children and Adolescents

Itaituba (BA) | Bacarena (BA)

The Brazilian municipalities affected by large enterprises, especially those located in the North have faced a high rate of human rights violations, making the qualification of municipal policies urgent. To this end, Agenda Pública established a partnership with the Bunge Foundation and, in 2016, initiated a process that aims at strengthening the systems to assure the rights of children and adolescents in the municipalities of Itaituba and Barcarena in the state of Pará. The initiative is centered on structuring local arrangements capable of contributing to the reduction of social vulnerability and to consolidating public policies to protect children and adolescents in the region.

Economic Development Program

Barro Alto (GO) | Niquelândia (GO)

Based on Agenda Pública’s vast experience in areas affected by large enterprises and on the recognition of municipal government’s important role in promoting economic development, the Program aims at strengthening the municipality’s institutional capacity to build policies, organize economic agents, attract investment and locally coordinate development actions.

Sustainable Territories Program

Oriximiná (PA) | Faro (PA) | Terra Santa (PA)

The Sustainable Territories Program aims to contribute to the construction of a strategy for sustainable territorial development in Oriximiná, Faro and Terra Santa, municipalities located in the western region of the state of Pará. Started in 2015, the program has a horizon of 15 Years, and is structured on four pillars: public management, social capital, economic development, environmental management.

The Sustainable Territories Program is carried out by Agenda Pública in partnership with two other Civil Society Organizations of Public Interest:

Strong Councils, Assured Rights

São José dos Campos (SP) | Jacareí (SP)

Based on Human Rights and on the challenges faced by public security forces, the Strong Councils, Assured Rights Project fosters practices and actions to promote improvements in the elaboration and execution of public policies and the strengthening of social participation through Security Councils (Conseg). The methodological approach takes into account the reality and the experience of participants proposing exercises and reflections based on problem situations.


ODSlab/SDGlab is an original initiative aimed at achieving intersectoral cooperation and facilitating the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Created by Agenda Pública in partnership with Estratégia ODS (SDG Strategy), the laboratory is dedicated to solving complex public problems. Based on real situations, SDGlab allows for the creation of multi-player arrangements, creating a space for leaders and representatives of different sectors of society to cooperate and work together for the production of solutions, alternatives and partnerships to overcome the great challenges that characterize the implementation of the 2030 Agenda in Brazil and throughout the World. It is a project that arises with the objective of focusing on concrete situations and providing the construction of coordinated responses and is, therefore, more effective for local problems. In this sense, it builds ways to face the problems that make it difficult to obtain better results in the implementation of SDGs in the country’s most diverse contexts.

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School of Public Policy

The School of Public Policy works as one of Agenda Pública’s institutional partners in the creation of methodologies and programs to strengthen capacities, prepare, qualify and value agents and civil servants through contextualized training experiences, focusing on intersectoral and joint resolution of public problems.

In total, we have already reached more than 5,000 people in 225 Brazilian municipalities with diversely configured projects – from mentoring programs for youths and managers, to exchange programs, courses and training programs and flexible programs.

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Networks, coalitions and impact agendas

Sustainable Development Goals

Over the past few years, Agenda Pública has been engaged in building, disseminating and implementing agendas related to sustainable development in Brazil, and has played a highly relevant role in the process of municipalization of the Millennium Development Goals by actively participating in the transition process to the Post-2015 Agenda. Now, it is intensely engaged in achieving the SDGs.

We have had a very strong role in the implementation process of the SDGs in the country, ranging from projects focused on the resolution of public problems that characterize the 2030 Agenda to actively participating in working groups and different initiatives on this Agenda.

We also serve as the Secretariat for Estratégia ODS (SDG Strategy), a coalition that gathers renowned organizations in Brazil that represent civil society, the private sector, local governments and the academia with the purpose of broadening and qualifying the debate on the Sustainable Development Goals in Brazil. It also aims at mobilizing, discussing and proposing means of implementation that espouse effective measures to advance in the different dimensions that compose this agenda.

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Open Government

Since the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Action Plan’s implementation began in Brazil in 2012, Agenda Pública has played a significant role in advancing this process in the country. We consolidated our commitment to this agenda through international technical cooperation missions, partnerships to support the implementation of the Access to Information Law, training actions and dissemination of information on the new law, in addition to programs on the efficiency of public spending, transparency and social participation. Our actions have been intensified year after year integrating the areas of participation, transparency and integrity with a view to consolidating participation systems and to strengthening the process of opening governments.


The mining sector has a very important role in Agenda Pública’s history. Since the organization’s inception our trajectory has been built through partnerships with large mining companies concerned about sustainable development in the regions where they operate. These partnerships have allowed us to dwell in this challenging universe and, above all, to develop important knowledge about its impacts, opportunities and potential for regional development. Since then, we have participated in many events related to the issue, such as the Rio+20 Conference, and we have coordinated the Dialogue Group: Mining, Democracy and Sustainable Development in Latin America.


Promoting cooperation between governments, companies and civil society to solve public problems.

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