Make it Happen

Are you satisfied with the quality of public services in Brazil? Neither are we. So, our mission is:

To make Brazilian public services smarter (based on data and evidence), uncomplicated (more agile and with low cost) and more humane (focused on citizens’ problems).

Higher quality services increase the population’s well-being, promote social cohesion, strengthen the economy and the business environment, and increase confidence in the country’s future. How do we get there, then?

Increasing the quality of public services is not only a question of financing or qualifying civil servants. It requires more integrated work models among different areas of government. It depends on people who believe that it is possible to transform services and who create joint solutions. It is not only a matter of good ideas or technology, but also cooperation, coordination, and communication to make things happen (peopleware).

We train teams that are problem-solvers. We develop competencies and create intersectoral collaborative arrangements as well as innovative mechanisms for social participation, which lead us to co-produce solutions. Everything is done in order to turn organizational changes into legacies for governments and for society as well.

How about combining our agendas? What public problem do you need to be solved?

Who makes Agenda Pública

CEO: Sergio Andrade

Administrative and Financial Secretary: Juliana Rehfeld (interim)

Administrative and Financial Coordinator: Mariana Proença

Public Affairs Coordinator: Mariana Calencio

Advocacy Coordinator: Amanda Moreira

Project Coordinators: Stella Ottengy e Giovanna Cardoso

Communications Coordinator: Talita Perna

Communications Assistant: Emanuela Nóbrega

Interns: Flávia Lima, Jéssica Guedes and Isabella Diniz

Strategic Management Council

Gabriela Lotta

Guilherme Alberto Almeida de Almeida

Fiscal and Governance Council

Caio Magri

Eduardo Grin

Juliana Rehfeld


Read our Code of Ethics

We provide a form to receive complaints that are related to possible violations of our Code of Ethics by employees or partners. Access it here. If you have any doubts regarding the Code of Ethics, please, send a message to [email protected].