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Who we are

Smarter, uncomplicated, and more humane public services. This is our purpose.

We are specialists in improving public services. For more than 10 years, we have been combining efforts from governments, private initiative, and civil society to strengthen teams, institutions, and territories, besides expanding capacities, opportunities, and well-being in order to reach a sustainable and inclusive development. We have found out solutions to major Brazilian public issues.

Who we are

Agenda Pública is a specialist in the improvement of public services. For the past 10 years, we’ve been working to strengthen institutional capabilities for a more modern, simple, humane and sustainable public management. We combine efforts from governments, private sector, and, of course, civil society to build solutions for Brazil’s big public problems, improving in a measurable way the supply, access and quality of public services.

Promoted results and impacts

Management and quality of public services:

  • Increased access to public services
  • Standardization of routines and flows
  • Increased user satisfaction

Team development:

  • Intersectoral teams, which are prepared to solve problems
  • More engaged and motivated civil servants

Economic dynamism:

  • Locally implemented dynamism projects
  • Greater integration of development strategies

Public finances:

  • Increase in tax revenues and rationalization of costs

Open Government:

  • Improvement and implementation of transparency, internal control, and ethics mechanisms
  • More engaged citizens and organizations in co-producing solutions

Our results directly impact Brazilian public services. These are positive changes that can be seen in practice:

Increase in the grade of the Transparent Brazil’s Scale in the municipality of São Sebastião (SP), from 4 to 8.1, through the Open Government Program.

Greater satisfaction with health services in the city of Terra Santa (PA), through the Public Services Quality Program.

Consolidation of the Educational Pole proposal in the city of Canaã dos Carajás (PA).

Support for the consolidation of the Interactive Educational System (IES) in the state of Pará.

Assessment of the Municipal Master Plans for the cities of Oriximiná, Terra Santa, and Faro (PA).

Consolidation of the Sanitation Plan in the city of Oriximiná (PA).

Our Programs

Our solutions reach the Brazilian five great regions and are not restricted to the states and municipalities in which we operate. The developed learnings in these territories generate a repertoire of methodologies that are tested and locally improved, which can influence public policies both in Brazil and around the world.


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Special publications

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Exclusive tools and methodologies that are related to our strategic performance regarding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Open Master

Solutions that were co-produced by the participants of the Open Master course to solve real problems of Brazilian public management.

Programs and Projects

Relevant data and information about the municipalities in which we operate and our solutions, focused on territorial challenges.

Institutional materials

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