Action Fronts

We develop more collaborative and transparent capabilities and governance models. We also expand opportunities for financing policies and reduce bureaucracy and intermediate processes – everything is done to bring the State and citizens closer, through more relevant services. By acting in an intersectoral way, Agenda Pública also encourages conversation, leadership, team spirit, and a willingness to cooperate, which we call “citizen mode”. This combination creates the best conditions for the implementation of public policies. This brings more well-being and development, with effective participation and social recognition. Discover our programs:


Local governments with capacity to serve citizens with agility, precision, empathy, and cordiality. More satisfaction, effectiveness, and support from citizens..



Local governments with implemented plans, processes, organizational structure, monitoring, and assessment, besides potentialized tax revenues and rationalized costs. More agile governance, greater integration, coordination, and more resources. Thus, we can highlight these actions to improve the results in public policies.


Local governments with implemented actions and projects that are based on the principles of transparency, accountability and responsibility, citizen participation, and technology and innovation. Greater capacity to attract investments, more innovation, citizen’s support, and higher quality participation.


Local governments with an economy that is based on diversified activities, which favors adequate responses to economic shocks. More jobs and opportunities, more predictable and diversified earnings, and greater economic resilience.


Our School of Public Policy adopts active educational methodologies that are dedicated to solving concrete problems. These are non-traditional learning experiences that include immersions, mentoring, and interchanges for the development of social and emotional competences and/or skills, such as conflict mediation, communication, and leadership. One of the main initiatives of the program is the Open Master, a “hands-on” collaborative journey in which the participants are encouraged to create solutions to major public service challenges. Through this philosophy of learning by doing, we have reached more than 30,000 participants in hundreds of Brazilian municipalities..


A new development model is fundamental and possible. Our common objective must be a more egalitarian, prosperous, and responsible society regarding the resources of the planet. Concrete and viable solutions rise from intersectoral cooperation and generate new economic opportunities and well-being, besides guaranteeing a future for the next generations.

How to turn this worldview into action? Therefore, we promote initiatives such as ODSLab, which are laboratories that bring solutions to complex problems through intersectoral articulation, agile governance, and quick impact actions. See more details here.



In order to increase our impact, we work in councils, networks, and coalitions. We seek to generate structural and far-reaching changes based on strategic agendas, together with our partners.

National Council for Transparency, Prevention, and Fight against Corruption
SDGs Strategy

São Paulo State Commission for the SDGs

Climate, Forest and Agriculture Coalition

Brazilian Global Pact Network

Democracy Pact